If you are starting a couch to 5K program, and it is the first time you have ever run, there’s a good chance you might not have the one piece of equipment that is required: running shoes! When you buy your running shoes, you can’t get them simply on looks. Based on the structure of your foot, you are going to need a specific type of shoe. Below, we will detail the different types of foot structures and what they mean exactly!

Normal Pronation

The outside of your heel strikes first and gently rolls in. When you lift your foot up for your next step, you evenly distribute the weight across the front of your foot

Over Pronation

The outside of your heel strikes first, but then your foot rolls inward a great deal. When you lift your foot up, the weight is mostly on the big and second toe.

Under Pronation

The outside of your heel strikes first, but little to know inward roll occurs. When you push off your foot on the next step, most of the weight is on your smaller toes.

Make sense? It’s OK if it doesn’t. If you live in a major city, try going to your specialized running store. A lot of them will have a treadmill set up in the store with a recording system. They will have you run for 10 seconds, and can then analyze the video to see how your heel is striking. The best part? This is usually free! So if you’re going to be buying shoes anyway, you might as well go get the perfect type for your foot.
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