Now that you’ve decided to start a couch to 5K program, using a mobile app can make tracking your progress a lot easier (unless you decide to follow along with our completely free couch to 5k program). We’ve tried out most of the apps out there, and gathered a list of some of the best for both iPhone and Android phones. If you have any suggestions of a different app you like, let us know!

iPhone Android

Free Couch to 5K iPhone Apps

Paid Couch to 5K iPhone Apps

Free Couch to 5K Android Apps

C25K C25K
Average Rating:
34 total customer reviews...

Paid Couch to 5K Android Apps

C25K Pro C25K Pro
Average Rating:
86 total customer reviews...

Depending on which app you choose, you will get a ton of features in the app. The apps can play music in the background while you run, interrupting only to tell you the next part of your workout is coming up and what to do. Once you are done, it can auto-post the run to Facebook or Twitter (only if you choose to do so, of course). You can always sneak a peak at the schedule for the next couple of days to get an idea of what type of runs you will be doing, and how long you should plan on blocking out for the run. Be sure to read the reviews of the apps to see which one has the exact features you are looking for!

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